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About us

Bakeries and sweets neamah was founded in 1402 E - 1982. Since that time, and we strive to update and develop our activities in line with the multiple techniques of the modern era to the highest international quality standards we work to provide the best, in our branches in Jeddah and Mecca, to be our
And services at your fingertips, and Mmaguena closest to your heart.


Our Vision :

  Leadership in the world of pastry and sweets.


Our Goals :

- Provide the best and the finest pastries and sweets.
- Application of international quality standards on all our products and services.
- Application of health nationals to ensure the health and safety of our customers.
- The continued development of what is new in the world of pastry and sweets.
- Attract excellent human resources in the world pastries and desserts.
- Importing the finest raw materials globally.
- Work to achieve excellence and spread locally, regionally and globally.
- Constant communication with customers to identify their needs and tastes